Chris Bowden - Chartered Financial Planner

After 25 years as a financial planner, Chris has a unique way of really getting to the nub of things. He questions, challenges and examines until he has a full picture from which to shape plans and ideas. His specialty is helping people in business manage the tricky questions that come along with structure, business sales and succession planning.

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Howard Spargo - Chartered Financial Planner

After a career working for the ‘big boys’ in the financial planning world, Howard now brings an independent, refreshing and forward-thinking approach to his work. He takes lifetime cashflow forecasting seriously, getting into the weeds to make sure people get the clearest possible picture of their finances.

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Ollie Williams - Financial Planner

Ollie is very much a new generation adviser who has been brought up in the Brightside mould.  He takes a relaxed but precise approach to planning but always keeps the fundamentals of planning for life at the forefront.

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