Detailed Cashflow Modelling

There has been much development and interest in cashflow modelling tools over the past few years. We’ve been doing it since before it became fashionable! We model your cashflow over your entire lifetime, giving you a clear picture of where you are today and what your finances will look like in the future. We use specialist software to create a big picture view that will give you confidence in your financial plan.

There has been a lot of talk about cashflow planning as advisers are looking for other ways to add value to their clients. We reckon you can’t do a proper financial plan without going under the bonnet and looking at what’s running. A cashflow plan is not just a report, it’s not just a fancy graph and it’s not something that just gets done once; It’s a living plan for how your future will play out. Our ambitions, experiences, and personal situations change over time. So too do regulations, taxation and economics. Your plan should fit you right now and should adapt as you do.┬áThis forms an integral part of The Brightside Pathway