No two financial plans are the same

Two people of the same age, the same circumstances, the same financial position would have similar financial plans, right? Wrong. Everyone is unique. Everyone wants something different out of life. That’s why we throw out the conventional rule book to create financial plans that will work for you – and nobody else.

There's no point dying rich

Conventional wisdom suggests that if you have money you should do everything you can to hold onto it, but this thinking can be counterproductive. Ideally, as life draws to an end so should your financial assets. By thinking differently about your money later in life you and your family can enjoy yourself more.

Get smart, get creative

Not a lot of people think of finance as a creative endeavour, but we do. We love combining our skills, experience and toolkit with truly innovative thinking to help people unlock their finances so they can get more out of life. We’ll work creatively together, too. Some of the best ideas come from questioning and challenging each other.

Life's not just a race to retirement

Work, save, retire and die. It’s the traditional financial narrative that’s been around for years. But we’re finding that this story is becoming less and less relevant to more and more people. What if you don’t want to retire? Or you want to create a lifestyle business? We help you plan for life, not just retirement.

Money Myths

Conventional Wisdom isn’t always particularly wise. Have a look at some of the most common Money Myths