Belinda's Story

Belinda & David thought they had the rest of their life planned out, but when David was diagnosed with terminal cancer all their plans went out the window. Their priorities shifted to making sure they made the most of their time left together and ensuring Belinda was setup financially for the future.

New priorities, new challenges

The couple turned to Brightside Planning to help assess their financial situation and set about creating a plan for the future. By looking at their assets, income potential and financial protection products they were able to see the future through a new set of eyes.

They learnt that it would be possible for them to spend two years travelling the world, exploring the places they have always wanted to visit. Their travels took them to Cambodia, Equador, Galapogos Island and Thailand.

After David passed away, Belinda continued to work with Brightside Planning to keep her financial plan on track. This gave her the confidence to make important life decisions.

Life is for living

Eight months after moving into a new home Belinda was really starting to resent going to work every day. She felt that at the age of 56 that the pressure and stress just wasn’t worth it. She was offered a voluntary redundancy and, after taking advice from Brightside Planning, she decided to take it.

She left work, took a year out to travel and focussed on getting the absolute most out of life. She now has stories to share from Iceland, Sri Lanka, Canada and her extensive travels around the UK.

Now Belinda has gone back into part-time work that she enjoys and continues to plan her future adventures.