Jim & Jenny's Story

Jim & Jenny ran a letting agency in Loughbough. They’d been at it for a long time and it had been pretty successful. The thrill of building a business meant that they enjoyed their work, but eventually the daily grind took it’s toll. They were sick of spending their time in their car commuting to the office. They wanted to get back to they truly enjoy – riding their motorbikes.

They had previously seen a financial advisor and weren’t particularly impressed. The advice seemed rigid and impersonal; work more, save more and enjoy life later. When they met Brightside Planning they could see the approach was different.

Getting back to what they love

When they first met with Brightside Planning their goal was clear. They wanted to travel Europe on their bikes. The challenge was how to achieve that.

By looking at their life and business as a whole, Brightside Planning suggested that they realise the value they had built up in their business by putting it up for sale. This would realise enough money for them to stop working and start enjoying life.

With the business sold and their assets reorganised, they set about planning the trip of a lifetime.

The open road

Their first trip took them 20,000 miles from Argentina to the northern tip of Alaska. It was an incredible adventure that so few people ever get to experience.

Since then they have covered a huge amount Europe including Germany, Hungary, Finland and Sweden. But even that didn’t satisfy their appetite. Now they are planning a motorbike tour all the way from Shropshire to Australia, winding their way through the Middle East and Asia


They are documenting their experiences on their blog: http://www.motonoodles.com/