Ken's Story

Ken is mid 50s and has worked hard all his life. But the closer he got to retirement age the more he wondered if he was missing out on something. His focus has always been on his businesses and he was starting to think it was time to start having more fun.

His business life had been diverse and successful. He had previously owned a pub in the Lake District along with three holiday cottages. More recently he built a name for himself as the owner of a 96-bedroom hotel in Windermere.

But after watching customers visiting his hotel to relax, it was time for him to do some relaxing of his own.

Plan for life

When meeting with Brightside Planning all cards were on the table. After reviewing all options and considering his goals, he made the decision to sell the hotel and set himself up for the future.

This released enough capital to restructure his assets and pensions, giving him the freedom to do anything he fancied. For Ken, that meant buying a boat.


Captain Ken

Aboard his 42-foot yacht, Ken now spends his days sailing, exploring and just a little bit of working. He serves as part-time company director and much of his work can be done from his yacht.

He and his wife have sailed from Windermere to North Costa Blanca, the Western Mediterranean and beyond. Every day they are able to wake up to the sort of view that many of us only ever see on postcards.