Peter's Story

At the age of 65, Peter was nearly ready to give up work for good. His long career had seen him work in sales, retail and transport – all of which he had enjoyed. But he had been looking forward to slowing down and spending more time with his wife.

He had been smart with his money over the course of his life, but he decided now was the time to review his financial plans.

A bit of confidence goes a long way

Peter and his wife had put a lot of thought into managing their money, but it was never at the expense of enjoying themselves. They had always taken all the holidays they’ve wanted, many of which in a motorhome that has taken them thousands of miles.

They were worried that giving up work meant giving up the things they loved, but Brightside Planning helped them realise that didn’t need to be the case. What’s more, they showed them how it was possible to stay in their family home as long as they liked.

With a new financial plan, Peter was given the confidence to make some new investments including a couple of buy to let properties that would provide a steady income.

Keeping things on track

Peter continues to work with Brightside Planning to review his financial position and make sure that everything remains on track. He continues to be confident and optimistic about what the future will bring.