Russell & Sharen's Story

Russell and Sharen always thought that financial planners were just for wealthy families, business people or those who want to take risks. They weren’t any of those things, so they never thought it would be something for them. They had their own financial plan; work hard, pay off the mortgage and enjoy life later. But that plan didn’t leave much room for fun.

A new way of thinking

Russell has always counted the pennies, always conservative with money. After meeting with Brightside Planning, Russell and Sharen’s perspective started to shift. They spent five hours talking about life, goals and how they see the future. By the end of the meeting they began to realise that following the ‘standard’ life plan wasn’t the only way. 

It was quite the wakeup call. With a new outlook, they began to work on a new financial plan that was structured around fun – not just figures.

Life’s too short

With a new financial plan in place, Russell and Sharen’s world has really opened up. They have gone from taking one holiday a year to taking three. Retirement has moved from 10 years away to just 6. And most importantly, they are enjoying themselves more. Eating out, having fun and spending more quality time together is now a way of life.